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It must be hard coming up to a product launch on Monday with the world finally beginning to wake up to just what your company knows about other people’s commercial and military operations and just what you can do remotely to products.

DJI the veil is beginning to drop!

I wonder in future if sovereign countries will ask that devices be disabled until they are activated through each country’s system and geofenced to that single country.

IMHO no manufacturer should ever give airspace permissions, this has always been my stance and worry about DJI’s geofencing.

Ukrainian Vice Prime Minister of and Minister of Digital Transformation Mykhallo Federov has asked for a no DJI flight area in Ukrainian airspace.

In his letter, Mykhallo Federov states:-

The Russian army uses an extended version of DJI Aeroscope which were taken from Syria. The distance is up to 50km. And they are using DJI products in Ukraine in order to navigate their missile to kill civilians. There are many evidence of that non humanity actions from the Russian side. We can provide it. The whole world is shocked. Our efforts are directed to these subjects who are really capable to accept and share the pain of Ukrainian people and giving us a helping hand.

We kindly ask you to provide us with information regarding:

The number of functioning DJI products in Ukraine, their ID, where and when they were purchased and activated;

The map (on regions of Ukraine) of functioning DJI products in Ukraine;

Is there a problem with activating a new DJI product in Ukraine?

The situation is really critical. There were cases when all DJI products were switched off (for instance, war in Georgia).

So, we ask you as well :

Switch on for Ukrainian users DJI AeroScope function

Block all DJI products functioning in Ukraine which were purchased and not activated in Ukraine;

Block all DJI products which were purchased and activated in the Russian Federation, Syria, and Lebanon.

This was DJI North America’s response, this may not be the thoughts of DJI HQ.

DJI needs to decide quickly which side of history it wants to be on.

No more hiding behind corporate speak.

They can also come clean about the Sentinel & Supervisor 用户画像 (User Portrait) 数据平台 (Data Platform)

@d0tslash has receipts

Just as companies are boycotting Nestle and other companies still operating in Russia Big Corp might start realising that Part 107 operator with the Matrice 300 is giving away their IP unintentionally.

Let’s see if any support is shown towards Ukraine on Monday by DJI.