You Can Use LAANC To Apply For A Night Drone Flight Authorization

You can use LAANC to apply
for a night drone flight authorization


If you are a drone pilot and want to fly your drone legally at night? Now things are much easier. If you have a current Part 107 Remote Pilot Certificate, you can use it to get a night authorization. The past week FAA announced that all certified pilots may obtain almost in real-time Authorization for night flights. They can use FAA-approved providers of LAANC (Low Altitude Authorization and Notification Capabilities). 

What is LAANC?

This is an automated system created for drone pilots who want to fly at low altitudes – below 400 feet near airports. Their flights must be in controlled airspace with low-risk, such as some airports areas. Until now, each drone pilot must have FAA approval for flight. And with LAANC the pilot will be able to fly in the low-risk zone of the airport’s area below 400 feet. The LAANC includes near 400 airports for which the approval is almost instant. For the rest, the application for approval is manual and it takes more time.

How you can use the LAANC? 

There are two ways you can use it. The first one is if you are a 107 Part pilot or Recreational flyer. In this case, you can fly a drone at night and in the specified controlled airspaces. The second way is to Submit a “further coordination request” ( available only for 107 Part Pilots). This request must be obtained 90 days before the flight and with it, the pilot is able to fly above the designed altitude of 400 feet. This approval goes throw manual coordination by the FAA. 

In 2017 LAANC prototype was started. And in 2019 was expanded to recreational pilots. It makes applying to be easy and almost instant. Today all pilots need FAA approval to fly at night, but the LAANC expand their capability now. 

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