Zeitview’s Advanced Inspection Services Will Help Develop North America’s Largest Solar and Storage Installation

Zeitview To Assist in Development of Largest Solar + Storage Installation in the U.S.

by DRONELIFE Staff Writer Ian M. Crosby

Today, Zeitview, which recently rebranded from DroneBase, has announced its advanced inspection services will be employed in the development of North America’s largest solar and storage utility-scale power plant, Gemini, in partnership with the site’s developer Primergy Solar.

Zeitview’s advanced inspection services will be utilized to capture every stage of the construction process from a bird’s eye perspective, providing essential data that cannot be obtained from the ground. The company’s services will also be employed to ensure that the 6,000 acre facility’s site management is conducted with greater efficiency, guaranteeing that projects are completed within time and budget constraints

Furthermore, Zeitview will provide site developers with artificial intelligence for analyzing data from photographic documentation of the facility and its related elements, ranging from development to operations and maintenance.

Prioritizing long-term sustainability and grid resiliency, utility-scale solar and storage installations will play a crucial role in reaching the goal of 100% renewable energy by 2035. Solar power plants such as this necessitate a considerable footprint in order to effectively utilize the sun’s power. As such, developers are seeking to utilize advanced technologies that diminish the environmental impact of the construction process and guarantee reliability and safety following the site’s activation.

“Gemini is an opportunity to lead the replacement of traditional coal-fueled power plants and pave the way for a more sustainable future. With over 1.8 million bifacial solar modules, the size, scale and integration of a 1.5GWh DC coupled battery, NV Energy has enabled one of the most complex clean energy power plants ever,” says Adam Larner, chief operating officer of Primergy Solar. “Aerial monitoring is critical in supporting the construction and operation of any solar asset, and with something at the scale of Gemini, it is even more crucial to maximizing the development and long-term investment in renewable energy power plants.”

“Aerial data intelligence is crucial for the efficient site management of solar plants like Gemini,” said Mark Culpepper, general manager of global solar solutions at Zeitview. “Beyond minimizing rework to delivering projects within time and budget constraints, a weekly bird’s eye view of construction provides the intelligence you can’t see from the ground. It makes inspectors more productive and frankly more accurate, compared to manual inspections, and saves the time and carbon emissions required to drive a site.”

Zeitview says that Gemini will support over 1,000 jobs in the community during construction and add up to $463 million in economic development value to Nevada’s economy.

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