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Latest News

Can You Fly a Drone in the United States of America?

Can You Fly a Drone in the United States of America?

The United States is comprised of 3.797 million square miles of land spread out across 51 states in North America …
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Can You Fly a Drone in Switzerland?

Can You Fly a Drone in Switzerland?

Switzerland is beloved for its tall peaks, quaint villages, crystalline lakes, and ski resorts. Whether you want to explore cities …
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Community Libraries

Cinematic Drones

Cinematic Drone Videos

Cinematic flight describes a flight style that involves rock-steady flight combined with buttery smooth imaging.

This flight style is typically slow and dramatic providing an interesting perspective.

Commercial Drone

Commercial Drone Videos

Drones are used commercially for many different types of industry and applications.

Commercial drones tend towards higher performing flight characteristics with advanced imaging capabilities including Thermal, LiDAR mapping as well as standard photo and video support.

FPV Drone

First Person View (FPV) Drone Videos

First Person View (FPV) drones have been all the rage over the last few years.

Typically FPV involves a drone with a video camera onboard that feeds into a set of video goggles giving the pilot the drone’s perspective while in flight.


Fast, Quality Service!
As a realtor, I'm always looking for more effective ways of marketing my client's properties. We had seen other real estate videos where it looks like you're flying from outside the house, through the front door and inside for a tour. This is the type of marketing material we thought would give one of our listings a boost. Boy, it helped me sell this property fast! Order from SkyDance, you'll be glad you did!
A Happy 107 Drone Pilot
I've been flying a few years for various industries as an independent operator. Finding jobs, coordinating client communications, scheduling, and billing along with all the usual business stuff takes away from the fun of my profession. When I discovered this company, I thought I'd give it a shot. Am I glad I ever did! They handle all the business details and allow me to enjoy and focus on what I do best.
FPV Video Is Awesome!!!
I'm a professional motocross racer and have been working on my own YouTube channel some time now. Always looking for ways to make my practice and race footage look juicier, I discovered the world of FPV by watching other channels. I thought I'd take a gamble and give this a try. OMG, the perspective while I'm riding is nothing short of incredible!